as though the clay of creation was mine to shape and mold

Stephen Schmidt

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Hi everyone,
I'm reading First Kisses Beyond the Grave short story by Nik Houser:
It was one of her favorite phrases, as though the clay of creation was mine to shape
and mold into a brand-new clique of ostracized freaks with whom I had nothing in common save
the fact that that the social trapeze had snapped between our fingers somewhere between our eleventh
and twelfth years.
Could you simplify the bold sentence, please?

  • Hermione Golightly

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    Could you please give us some context. Who is talking and who is she? What is the favourite phrase and what's going on?
    Is the story available on line?

    Stephen Schmidt

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    My mother says I'm handsome. I believe her. It is something she's always said
    and it's always done me, more or less, the same amount of good. "You are so lucky to be
    so smart and handsome!" She hollered from the porch as I waited for the bus to my new school.
    I remember the air was drastically cool for the tail end of summer. But I didn't want to go back in that
    house for a jacket and risk a second hug, a second kiss goodbye. I'd lost track of how many times mom had said,
    "Don't worry, you will make friends in no time!" But I could stand no more of those either. It was one of her favorite phrases...


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    In order to make a humorous remark, he's playing with the idiom "make new friends" by taking it literally. Rather than meeting people that he doesn't know and forming friendships with them, he is going to take some clay and create some people to be his friends.
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