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What is the meaning of this construction" Thanks:
"We go to marry stranger flesh on some far burial ground
...To where we started on a blind and frightful track but made it through rest us under trees on planets in such galaxies as toss and lean
A most peculiar shade".
("That is our Eden's Spring, Once Promised", Ray Bradbury).
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    Do you happen to have a link to the complete poem on-line?

    I cannot see an obvious way of reading this from the extract.

    I would comment that tossing and leaning are unusual verbs for the action of galaxies or even planets. Perhaps his idea is to cut them down to size, to suggest a frailty of some sort in the solar system? As with any poem there will need to be an act of interpretation by the reader.

    suzi br

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    I am wondering if it is the trees (on far-flung planets) which will be doing the tossing and leaning as they offer shade to travellers in the future.

    A tree can easily toss, in a breeze for instance, and also lean in one direction or another to offer shade. The shade might be peculiar because the way you sense the sun / shade might be different on a different planet or galaxy.

    I hope someone else will join us in this, as science (fiction) and this sort of poetry are not strong suits of mine!
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