As tough as it must have been for her to make that decision

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As tough as it must have been for her to make that decision, it will be a great opportunity for her not only in terms of improving her language skills but also in terms of gaining global business perspective.

Dear All,

I have a question regarding the above sentence I am working on.

Regarding the subordinate clause, I am not sure if it reads well in relation to the rest of the sentence. Do you think it's too long, or worse yet, the "as ~ as" structure was not a good choice to start the sentence with in this particular instance?

Do you think I can get away with it as it is, or does it need a tweaking?
  • icecreamsoldier

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    New Zealand English
    :thumbsup: Looks good to me. It connects well to the rest of the sentence and it is a good length. Starting with "" in a sentence like this is very appropriate.

    Thomas Tompion

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    English - England
    I hate that first as, JBP. I think you mean Tough as it must have been for her..., it will be etc.

    I know there are people who add that first as, but I wonder what function they think it performs. You are not saying that it was as tough for her as it was for someone else.


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    No initial 'as' for me as well. In fact, I did think it was a mistake* before I read post 2, though I was obviously wrong.

    * Well, not some egregious error, but it does sound odd and superflous. :eek:
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