As-tu fait bon voyage

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  1. nocrack New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to translate "As tu fait bon voyage ?" but "did you have a good trip/journey" doesn't sound good. Is that correct or Is there any expression to ask that ?


  2. Docbike Senior Member

    english, UK
    "Did you have a good trip?" is fine. Journey is a bit odd unless you are only referring to the travelling, which doesn't seem to be the case. "Trip" is the whole experience, so seems better in this context.
  3. nocrack New Member

    ok thank you very much !!!
  4. BritinFrance Member

    "Did you have a good journey?" is just as people arrive, and as Docbike says refers to the experience (which I imagine was pretty horrible this last weekend in France!)

    'Did you have a good trip?' is asked when the person comes back and the whole thing is over

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