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Just wondering if the following is OK for Canadian or North American usage:

As was announced at the AGM, we are implementing the strategic plan for the coming year.

I am wondering if this is a new format or less formal style.

I think it would be more appropriate to say:

Following the announcement made at the AGM...

Thanks very much in advance for feedback on this.
  • Myridon

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    Your options differ in meaning by a large amount.
    The first says that "the strategic plan for the coming year" was announced at the AGM and you are implementing it in the way it was announced.
    The second says that the implementing is later in time than the announcement and doesn't tell us what the announcement was.


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    Both are correct as regards grammar. However, their meanings are different:

    "As was announced ...:" This says nothing about when we started implementing the strategic plan.

    "Following the announcement ...:" We started implementing the strategic plan after the announcement.

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