"as we go forward..."

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  1. ben.uk New Member

    Hi guys I would really like to express the following in French if anyone can suggest something your help would be appreciated.

    "as we go forward we must never forget where 'we' began"

  2. CARNESECCHI Senior Member

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    "tandis que nous avançons, nous ne devons jamais oublier d'où nous venons (= où nous avons commencé)"
    Hope it helps!
  3. Cath.S.

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    Hello, Ben, and welcome to WR.

    I would like to know who we is referring to in your sentence, I have a hunch the context could be especially inportant here.
  4. ben.uk New Member

    I thought the context might be important, imagine the quote being in reference to a picture that represents a particular time in the early stages of a relationship, despite how much the relationship evolves you must always remember how it started and hold this memory fond, everything starts somewhere.

    The word "we" is inverted to add further emphasis i.e. this picture represents the time when 'you' and 'I' finished and 'we' began.

    Thanks for your help,


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