As we loom towards Easter


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Your input would be most appreciated. Is it grammatically correct to say "As we loom towards Easter, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish the staff at ...... a happy Easter!" ?

Thank you!

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    It's 'grammatically correct', yes, Interested. But I'd say it's a very odd usage of the verb loom, which is generally reserved for large inanimate objects appearing before us in a generally threatening manner (I reckon).
    As Easter looms in front of us sounds better, though still a wee bit odd.
    Or you might try: As we lurch towards Easter ...

    Thomas Tompion

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    I agree with Ewie. Things loom in the distance for us; we don't loom much in the distance for them. To loom isn't a verb which implies much movement; lurch could well be better.

    It's not a very encouraging thing to say to the staff, either. I had a boss who irritated me by talking as though the job was a bore; wouldn't it be a better idea to adopt a more positive tone? Perhaps you don't have a choice.


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    Thank you to all for your comments and suggestions. Much appreciated.

    As we approach Easter / As we head towards Easter... Which do you prefer?

    Thanks again!


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    But actually, I'd say the repetition of Easter is not ideal in what is, after all, quite a short sentence.

    Why not wait a bit longer and simply say "I'd like to wish"?
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