'As well' and 'too'

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Hello there. I've read this sentence somewhere:

I need it as well.

I guess it is not correct but the people who wrote it meant: I need it too.
I ask if it is correct to substitute "too" with "as well" and if my thought about that sentence is good.
  • brian

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    And even when as well = too, they are not completely interchangeable because they are found in different kinds of syntax:

    I've seen the movie, too. :tick:
    I've seen the movie as well. :tick:

    I, too, find that hard to believe. :tick:
    I as well find that hard to believe. :cross:


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    If sentence-ending "too" gets a comma before it, why doesn't "as well"? What about "also"?

    I liked the movie, too.
    I liked the movie, as well.
    I liked the movie, also.

    If any of those aren't correct, please explain why. Thanks!


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    I probably wouldn't use the comma in any of these sentences, although I have no idea why or why not.
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