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The possibility of using tools as well as reduced consumption and risk taking creates ...

Why do we use the singular form of the verb and not use a plural?

I know that ''as well as'' is an adverb and the whole ''as well as ... taking'' is an adverbial phrase, but it means ''and also'', so couldn't it be a conjunction like ''and'' to join subjects together?

Thanks in advance.
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    It seems to me that creates is agreeing with possibility. Do you have the full sentence? Where did you read this sentence? Shouldn't it be risk-taking?


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    As well as is generally followed by a singular verb (e.g. Tom as well as Sheila lives in luxury) even when there are two subjects.
    For a more detailed explanation, see A, as well as B, are/is?.

    It's not clear whether there are two subjects in your sentence (i.e. possibility and reduced consumption).
    With and, a plural verb would be needed.
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