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  • Jenny*

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    I found this:

    Q. When is it appropriate to use a comma before "as well as"? Thanks for your help.

    A. If an as well as phrase comes between a subject and its verb, it is appropriate to use a comma before "as well as" as well as after the phrase it introduces. On the other hand, if such a phrase comes at the end of the sentence as in the previous sentence, no comma is used before "as well as."

    I don't know if it's right or not but it's how I use it :)

    EDIT: I'm new here and I know in the rules it says I can't copy things from other websites. I wouldn't have done but I can't seem to work out how to link to the site without the forum telling me to take out the URL. Help please?


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    Hi Jenny

    Thanks for your concern. Until you have 30 posts, it is not allowed for members to post urls.
    Regarding the source, maybe you could tell us where you have found the information without using the www. format. e.g. in Wikipedia.



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    Thanks guys, I didn't know about the 30 posts thing. Thank you Frío for posting the links for me :)
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