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Dear all,

I don´t know if as well-know, "como es bien conocido" is right in this sentence

First, as well-known, principal components result from diagonalization of the covariance matrix, ordering eigenvalues from higher to lower.

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    First, as (it) is well-known, principal components can be computed/obtained by diagonalization of the covariance matrix, (ordering eigenvalues by magnitude).

    PS. I agree with Spug. There shouldn't be a hyphen as I wrote above.
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    There should be no hyphen in maga102's example. It should be well known.

    "First, as is well known,..." Here, well is simply an adverb that modifies known. Think of similar constructions: It is widely known... it is hardly known... they aren't hyphenated. Well known in this example is the same type of construction.

    When the words are used together as an adjectival phrase, they are hyphenated. For example: "John Doe, the well-known political commentator, gave a speech today..."

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