As when I start working, I will still be living with my parents

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    I want to say, "As when i start working, i will still be living with my parents, therefore, i wouldn't have any rent or bills to pay. As a result this amount will help pay household expense"

    well what i wrote was"

    "Comme je commence a travailler, j'habiterai avec mes parents. En consequence, Je n'ai pas payer de loyer donc cette somme pourrai aider les frais domestiques."

    <<i know it's not exactly the same, but does it convey similar meaning? Please can you help me correct where i doesn't sound right? Thank you sooo much>>
  2. carolineR

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    Almost :) it's just a question of word order :
    "Etant donné que j'habiterai toujours avec mes parents lorsque je commencerai à travailler, je n'aurai pas de loyer à payer, et donc cette somme /pourra/pourrait servir à régler les frais domestiques."
    "les frais domestiques" is not very clear, though
    les dépenses courantes would be better, I think :)
  3. vorasaya New Member

    thank you sooo much Caroline. You've been very helpful :)
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    Welcome to the forums vorasaya ! :)

    I just changed the title of this thread in order to allow further searches for the same topic according to WR rule #4. Please remember in the future to post the subject of the title of your thread.

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