ASAP usage in professional mails - is it acceptable?


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I often use asap to convey that I will perform certain action ‘as soon as possible’. However, I am wondering if this usage in professional environment is acceptable.
If this is not acceptable, request you to suggest an alternative that I can use in profession mails.
  • Dandix

    In my company it is very common at all levels, though I understand it is not used in very formal communications.
    In formal speeches I hear or read, for example, "at your earliest convenience", or at least "as soon as possible" in the extended version and not the acronym.
    But I'm sure native speakers can help you more than I can... :)


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    Note there can be a vast difference between "professional," and "formal" usage.

    It depends upon the "profession." Computer programmers are professionals, but are not likely to indulge in so-called "formal" written communications.
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