aseguramiento de escala mínima

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    Spanish term or phrase: aseguramiento de escala mínima
    This is part of a business presentation. Here are three things that the company plans to do in the first two years: 1. Creación de marca e identidad 2. Aseguramiento de escala mínima 3. Desarrollo de capacidades de distribución y venta My question: Does "aseguramiento..." refer to "minimal scale quality assurance" or "insurance of minimal scale"? I know that normally insurance is "seguro" but perhaps the author sucked in aseguradora=insurer to aseguramiento=insurance. Or perhaps it means something completely different. This is from Mexico, and it involves the production of craft beer. What do you think?
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    It sounds to me like, "Achieve the minimum level of production (or maybe sales)." Sort of like a break even point.

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