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  • Eugin

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    Argentina (Spanish)
    Hi, welcome to the forum!!!
    We prefer people to provide the whole sentence to have a better idea of the context where the word you want its translation appears.

    Nevertheless, I can say that asesoría could be translated as: advisory assistance/ consultantship/ advisory services.

    Hope this helps you!!!

    Cheers and have a nice stay!!!


    Español puertorriqueño & US English
    Hi Tlfortt... and welcome to the forum.

    "asesoría" would translate as counseling (or counsel) in English.
    Asesoría de negocios = business counseling/business counsel
    Asesoría de estudiantes = student counseling

    If you write down the complete sentence where you found the term, we would be able to provide an appropriate equivalency in the right context.

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