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Source: Micheal Connelly novel
The Narrows.
Context: very early in the book, so I know nothing about anyone. Detective Bosch has been talking to a witness about a fellow called Otto who sometimes rented his boat for fishing trips which lasted a few days. Bosch (and I) didn't understand something the witness said:

"What did you mean when you said he (Otto) liked to go fishing and get his ashes hauled?"
The witness replies: "I meant exactly that" :confused: "we took him fishing and when we'd stop off in Cabo, he always had something on the side".

This explanation seems to satisfy Bosch, but I am none the wiser.

Any ideas what "ashes hauled" means?
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    It's a new one to me Suzi! :)

    "GET ONE'S ASHES HAULED / HAUL ONE'S ASHES means (of a male) to have sex, copulate and Eric Partridge (Dictionary of Slang) claims it has been around since the late 19th to early 20th century and originated in Canada. The related expression TO HAUL ONE'S OWN ASHES means to masturbate."


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    Probably originated when someone asked a woman why a certain man had been seen at her place late the previous evening, and she claimed that he had stopped by to help clean her fireplace.... :D:rolleyes:

    It's fairly well known on this side of the pond, or at least used to be.
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