Asi se hace


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¡Así se hace! (This is how we do it!)

or Esto es como lo hacemos? or Esto es lo que hacemos

Whats the difference? And how do you know to add the 'que' after the lo? or when not to.

Thanks in advance
  • Aidanriley

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    I think:
    Así se hace - like this/like that is how it's done/how one does it
    Esto es como lo hacemos - This is how we do it
    Esto es lo que hacemos - This is what we do

    I think the "lo que" is like "what."


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    It kind of depends on the context. Think about "Sí se puede" and how it is usually translated: "Yes we can." There's not really a "we" in there, it's just translated in the most colloquial way.
    ''Así se hace": "That's the way to do it"
    "Así se habla": "That's the way to talk," "That's how you should be talking"
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