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Hello everybody,

I can't find the meaning of this word "Asi" in Polish. My sentence is : "Pracuję, żeby nie myśleć o Asi."
If it's someone's name, nobody is called Asi in the story I'm reading and the speaker never went to Asia (anyway I saw that Asia = Azji). Could someone help me please ?
Thank you very much in advance !
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    A respondent to your question here ( thinks:
    C'est simplement la forme grammaticale (terminaison) du diminutif de prénom Asia (Joanna).
    Anyone in the story called Joanna?
    'A Foreigner’s Guide to Polish Names': (...)
    Why Poles are named one thing and called another
    All of this brings us to the thorny abundance of diminutives in Polish. People bearing the names discussed above are in fact called a variety of nicknames in daily life. Unless at school or in an official context, Poles tend to use diminutives at all times. (...)
    - Joanna is Aśka or Asia, or Joaśka (
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    OOh Thank you very much Enquiring Mind ! Yes, his late wife was called Joanna ! :thumbsup:
    Asia is a common diminutive of Joanna, even more diminutive than Joasia. Typically used towards children, the loved ones, sometimes friends or colleagues, if you're close enough and know each other for ages - although the latter would be unthinkable a few times generations back. The fact that the narrator used this form is a trace that he loved his wife very much, it's almost intimate in this context - though you have to be careful drawing such conclusions, as if it were his daughter, Asia would be natural, and using the official name would mean something instead.