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Hi, I am working on a file for Philosophy, the cosmetics brand. Are they talking about cosmetics companies which businesses are flourishing thanks to BB creams? Did I get it right?

In asia, 26% of the asian makeup business now comes from b.b. creams*
. A mini-revolution that has turned the traditional skin-care and makeup two-step around. because b.b. creams are both. and lots more.

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    26% of the makeup products sold (by value) in Asia are BB creams. We have no idea if the sellers are flourishing (doing well) or not.


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    I don't think so. If it means "26% of the makeup products sold in Asia," then the "In Asia" at the beginning of the sentence is redundant. I don't think someone would start out "In Asia" and continue with a phrase that also means "in Asia." Most writers would write simply "In Asia, 26% of the makeup business ..."

    Also, I cannot imagine that b.b. creams could possibly account for over a quarter of total makeup sales in Asia.

    Therefore, I think "Asian makeup" has a different meaning here. I think it probably means "makeup designed specifically for Asian skin tones." That is a much smaller market than the total market for makeup in Asia. B.b. creams have 26% of that smaller market.

    As for whether companies that sell b.b. creams are flourishing: I agree with Myridon that we don't know. The quotation doesn't have that information.


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    I think a source/context would be very helpful* here, TL, as you know :D As it stands it is open to interpretation/guessing.

    For example, "Asian makeup business" could, if we knew the context, refer to the business done by makeup companies based in Asia. If that's the case, some of them probably sell around the world (I know there's a flourishing market of Japanese cosmetics in California) , so they might have "In Asia" sales figures and "In the rest of the world" sales figures. However, Egmont's reasoning is also quite logical.

    (* Not to mention, required by forum rules!)
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