asignatura hueso

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    I'd like to know whether there is an exact English translation for the Spanish phrase "asignatura hueso", which refers to a very difficult subject and is mainly used by secondary school students. I've heard some people say "doss subject" to refer to an easy subject, but I can't find its opposite.
    Many thanks!
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    I can't think of an expression that we use. We would just say the usual, maths is tough/difficult.
    In some BrE slang, perhaps you could use "dodgy", but normally that is used when talking about your own ability.

    Maths is a well dodgy subject.=Maths is a difficult subject.
    I'm dodgy at maths=I'm bad at maths.
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    A "doss subject" sounds like it's a phrase they'd use in the UK, not in the US, just for reference.

    With something difficult, you can use these basic constructions:

    "This is a bitch of a course."
    "This class is a bitch."

    Young people probably won't be offended, but older people and feminists might.

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