asignatura pendiente


Argentinian Spanish
Hola chicos,queria saber cual sería la traduccion de "asignatura pendiente" pero como uso de la frase para expresar algo que no pudiste hacer y que por ende ahora te queda pendiente hacer eso que no hiciste/pudiste hacer.
  • if someone says you are his 'asignatura pendiente' - what does this mean. I know the literal translation but..... I'm sure there is more....
    Literally, in academic context, that means a pending coursework, unfinished because you either left it or never took it.

    If not talking in academic context, it could mean unfinished business or unresolved matter.
    thank you, what would it's meaning be in a relationship context.... I've heard this term used in a few situations but not entirely clear of it's meaning - good/bad?
    In a relationship context means, for example, if
    "she´s the girl you´ve always loved but you have never declare your love to her", then your affair with her is your "asignatura pendiente". ¿your unfinished business? how would you say it in english, please?