Asignatura troncal de libre configuración

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    I've got a sticky bit to translate, how do you say 'asignatura troncal de libre configuración'? meaning, in this context themain subjects of a degree or master course that can be chosen depending on the speciality you wish to do...Can anybody give me a hand?

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    Hi "bytheword", Welcome to the forums!!!

    You can say it as: "Core subject (that can be) freely shaped"... Though this is my "free" personal version... (maybe you can adapt it to your needs)

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    core corriculum

    Mountain View College of Dallas Comunity Colleges offers an Assosiates Core Corriculum to prepair students for a two year degre, who haven't decided on a master o who will be choosinga a master at another institution.
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    "Curriculum" es plan de estudios y acá la pregunta es "asignatura".

    Fíjate en el diccionario aquí.
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    Yesterday I ended up using core subject for asignatura troncal and 'elective' subject for asignatura optativa.

    Great help!
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    I think that "asignatura de libre configuracion", as I understand it, in that it's not a required course but one that you can choose, would be called an "elective", at least in the US.
  7. Semasalo New Member

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    Hi there!

    In INEFC-Lleida (Sports Faculty) we translate Asignatura Troncal as Core Subject and Asignatura de Libre Elección as Free Elective Subjects.

    By the way, what is the difference between 'Subject' and 'Course'? The dictionary translates Asignatura as Subject but many universities always present their curriculum with COURSES.

    Thank you!
  8. Kummarie New Member

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    Hello all:
    From a native speaker and English teacher living in Spain, "asignatura" as it refers to a particular "course" or "class" taken in a semester or quarter should be translated as one of these two words. A "subject" is a general field or topic of study/discussion/etc., e.g. "The subject of the book was the education of mathematics in the United States of America." or "My favorite subjects in school are science and art". Hope that helps!
    Cheers y saludos

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