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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Greenk12, May 8, 2009.

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    As I know, In English we have infinite article, but i wondered that do we have indefinite words in English?

    i searched google with key word indefinite words but i didn't get any result about it. I've just only get result in Spanish or other languages.

    So, i want to ask :

    Do we have indefinite words in English? If we have, what is indefinite words? what types of indefinite words? or anythings about indefinite words...

    Thank for your reading.
  2. mplsray Senior Member

    Well, indefiniteness is a concept in linguistics, discussed here, where it is said that a, some, and somebody are "examples of words that indicate indefiniteness."
  3. Switchfoot3r Member

    Chilean Spanish
    Hi, Greenk12!

    I am not a grammarían, but I'm a Spanish native speaker, so I'll try to explain it as simple as possible:

    Words like a, some, somebody, somewhere, and the like are indefinite because they cannot and do not define the referent(s) of a given sentence, phrase, or expression. Whereas the definite article the tells us that the referent is something known by the persons involved in the conversation or comunication process, the indefinite article a tells us that the referent is just one of any given group.


    1) Please, get the car now (i.e., that car is probably mine or someone I know).
    2) Please, get a car now (i.e., it could be any car, maybe a taxi or something like that, but certainly it isn't a car I can define as known by me).

    I hope that helps.



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