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  1. stefanavitch Senior Member


    How would i translate this sentence to french

    "Aside from saying hello and asking what the weathers like, few customers have time to stop and chat"

    My attempt:

    " A part de dire "Bonjour" ou demander quel temps il fait aujourhui, la plupart des clients n'ont pas le temps de bavarder"

    Merci en avance :)
  2. the expat Member

    Namur, BE
    It looks pretty good. I'd just say: A part pour dire "bonjour" and I'd leave 'aujourd'hui' out. However, if you say "la plupart", you'd have to put the verb in singular => la plupart des clients n'a pas le temps de bavarder.
    Hope it helps
  3. stefanavitch Senior Member

    Thanks a million!

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