ask and ask for

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Alaor Santos

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Portuguese Brazil
Hi everyone!

Please look at these three questions below,

1) What will you tell her if she asks?
- The truth.
2) What will you give her if she asks?
- A book.
3) Will you go if she asks?
- Yes, I will.

Are they all right?
  • suzi br

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    English / England
    If you are looking to tease out the difference between ask and ask for you need to use statements not questions as you own structure.
    You could ask me.
    You could ask me for help.

    I'll give you tea if you ask for it.
    To get tea you will have to ask.


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    English - US
    Despite the differences in the 3 questions, the verb is always the same.
    In all your questions, "asks" has an assumed complement from a missing context and that is where the difference is.

    1) What will you tell her if she asks (about the problem) (where you were last night) (who you've been seeing)?
    The truth.


    2a) What will you give her if she asks (for something to read)?
    A book
    2b) What will you giver her if she ask (why you didn't come to her wedding?)
    The truth.
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