ask for, call for

Robby Zhu

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1. For students to stay in at recess was not asked for. ( I invented it)

Do I have to keep two "for"s? That, to my knowledge, is weird because the corresponding active sentence would be:
2. They asked for for students to stay in at recess.

Here is what Quick et al say about this

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  • The Newt

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    I mean, there is no rule that the students must stay in the classroom between classes.
    We'd probably say "That students stay in the classroom during recess wasn't required" or simply "students weren't required to stay in the classroom during recess."

    As far as the grammatical issue, it's quite possible to use and to need "for" at both the beginning and end of a similar sentence:

    "For students to treat their teachers with such rudeness was really not called for." ("Not called for" or "uncalled for" is an idiom meaning, more or less, improper.)