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1) Ask for attention (consideration)
2) request for attention (consideration)

which one is more formal when we are going to write to a director/dean of an institute?

3) I am writing to request your consideration...
4) I am writing to ask your consideration...
5) I am writing to request your attention...
and at the ending part
6) I appreciate your consideration.
7) I thank you for your consideration.

Generally speaking, is there any rule to find how formal is our statement/letter/talk?

Thank you in advance for your replies.

  • owlman5

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    "Request" and "appreciate" sound more formal than do "ask" and "thank".

    As long as your grammar is clear, I don't think anybody will fault you for using simple English even when fancier, more formal synonyms exist. Almost any reader appreciates clear, lively English.

    Many teachers insist that their students avoid contractions in formal writing even though some authorities disagree with this rule. It's probably safer to avoid these contractions in formal writing. Other than that, you should have no problem writing a polite letter as long as you avoid slang.
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