asking about restaurant timing


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Asking someone about the lunch timing at restaurant.At what time do they close restaurant?Is this sentence correct?Another, when do they close restaurant?
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    When do you serve lunch?
    What hours are you open for lunch?
    What hours do you serve lunch?

    When do you close?
    What time is last order?
    When does the kitchen close?


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    Copyright's suggestions are excellent.
    I just want to point out that "When does the kitchen close?" is different from "When does the restaurant close?"
    When the kitchen closes, it means they don't take any more orders for food. However, they will continue to prepare orders already taken, and the restaurant will stay open longer (obviously, to accommodate the diners).


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    Thank you for the clarification. I should have mentioned that in the second set, one of the last two might be used after you ask "When do you close?"
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