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Hi. Could you tell me if I can say them below to ask the store about their delivery service?

1. Do you have (a)? delivery service? (Either way sounds good to me but not sure if singular or plural is correct.)
2. Can I have it shipped?
3. Can I have it delivered (to my house)? (not sure "to my house" is necessary.)

Thank you.
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    1. Inclusion of the "a" is necessary. Without it the sentence is not grammatically correct. This should remain in the singular.
    2. This is perfect.
    3. The "to my house" is not incorrect but not necessary and probably not really idiomatic.


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    In AE, the "a" is not needed in sentence 1; in fact, it would seem odd. You could also ask, "Do you deliver?"
    Sentence 2 makes sense only if the item is coming to you from another city; "shipped" wouldn't make sense within the same city.
    Sentence 3 is fine (without "to my house"; the store doesn't care whether it's to your house, your place of work, or someone else's house; if they're willing to deliver, they'll deliver it wherever you say).
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