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I am writing a letter to the editor, in which the organizer of a medieval fair complains about the review posted in a newspaper of regarding his event. The review claims the event and performances, joust, battles, were dull and tedious.
Then the organizer writes (just an extract of the letter):

"....If dull and tedious why were the people cheering for an encore?"

Should it be encore/s? <Because> they had to reenact more than one performance.

"...cheering for encores"

Thank you in advance

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    I guess that being that word directly taken from French, and not being a noun in the original language, that excludes somehow the plural form.


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    There can be more than one encore. For example, "last night the orchestra played 2 encores", but when you are cheering for an encore, you cheer for one at a time.
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