asking for quick delivery when driving is not involved

Banet Eagle

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I live in an apartment building where there is a supermarket at the ground floor. I often call the supermarket to order and have the order sent up to my apartment. I am at a loss as to what I should say to have the order delivered up to my apartment. Should I say: "could you have them (the stuff I've just ordered) delivered to my apartment?", or "could you deliver them to my apartment?". I am not even sure if I should even use the verb "deliver" because there is no driving involved in this case!
one more thing, I want to tell them to deliver the stuff as quickly as possible. I used to say "make it fast" but I guess it's not polite! so can you please tell me what's the best way to say that as well.
Thank you.
  • nzfauna

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    New Zealand, English
    It is perfectly fine to say 'Could you please deliver the order to my apartment', it doesn't matter if driving was involved or not.

    With regards to the fact that you'd like them quickly, I would say "Could you please deliver them as soon as possible".

    Could you please deliver it to my apartment as soon as possible? I'm just upstairs, and I have run out of milk!
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