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Nella bellissima canzone di Carly Simon "Let the river run", colonna sonora del film "Una donna in carriera", il ritornello contiene la frase: it's asking for the taking. Secondo voi come si può tradurre??....Grazie
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    Ciao Skyscraper e bevenuto nel Forum!

    Forse la frase vuol dire "chiede di essere afferrato?" I nativi intervengano se è possibile!

    Nota: "asking for the taking of measures" vorrebbe dire "chiedere che vengano presi provvedimenti", mentre "for the taking", tutto solo, significa "a disposizione".


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    With song lyrics, we're talking about more than translation -- there's artistic interpretation, too. Not all native-language listeners would agree on what the words "mean." Having just read the entire song lyric, I'm not sure what Simon specifically meant by
    And sirens call them on
    With a song.

    It's asking for the taking.
    Trembling, shaking.
    Oh, my heart is aching.

    The song seems to be about the excitement of seizing the abundant opportunities before one, but that line, I suspect, is one that "sounded better" to her than the standard "it's there for the taking."

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