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I am in email communication with an army officer whose rank appears to be ASP. I am not sure how to translate this, or whether it has a translation into English.

In addition, how do I address him?

I fear it would not be correct to write "Cher Monsieur."

Many thanks for this.
  • JiPiJou

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    Could it be "aspirant" ? In France that is a rank given to "élèves officiers" in military schools such as Polytechnique or Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan. After leaving the school they become lieutenants.
    See :

    In a military context, men of a lower rank call him "Mon lieutenant" (and civilian women call officers without using the adjective "mon"). More generally, say "Monsieur" and write "Cher Monsieur" until you get to know the situation.

    If he is really an "aspirant", he is young and at the beginning of his career. He will not mind you calling him "Monsieur", particularly as you are not French. It might be different with an old colonel or even a tough drill sergeant :eek:
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