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Is the "g" pronounced with the "j" of "jewel" or the "g" of "goat"?

I had always thought it was "j" but just heard it pronounced with "g" on the telly. I'm not sure I've ever heard it said before, just read it, so it probably is "g" but it did surprise me to hear that.

  • I've heard puns on "ass burgers," so that pronunciation is familiar to me, but I think I typically say it with a j as well.
    All the AE psychology professionals of my acquaintance pronounce it with a hard "g" (on those occasions that the subject happens to come up). Of course, that's not to say that the professionals wouldn't have variations in pronunciation. :)

    I don't recall ever hearing it pronounced with the "j" sound. However, a quick search reveals both pronunciations:
    - M-W, and the American Heritage Dictionary list it with a hard "g".
    - Encarta's dictionary concurs with the OED and lists it with a "j" sound,- and quite a few posters on other forums agree.

    I thought I knew how to pronounce it, but now I'm not sure. :p I'll probably stay with the way I've heard it- with the hard "g".
    Thanks everyone. Judging from the above discussion the "correct" pronunciation seems to be with a hard "g", but evidently I'm not the only one who has started to remodel the pronunciation by its spelling.
    I had a pupil with it and the professionals in the UK pronounced it as in MacDonald's.
    I'm sure you'll explain that to us TT. [Oh - "ass burgers". Got it now]

    Meanwhile, it occurs to me that some people might soften the g because the word is so similar to the (mainly ecclesiastical) noun "asperges", meaning a sprinkling of holy water, in which the g is always soft.
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