Assemble or Set up or Build up

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Hello everybody,

Before a trade fair:

1. We need to start assembling our stand tomorrow.
2. We need to start setting up our stand tomorrow.
3. We need to start building up our stand tomorrow.

Which one sounds better to you guys?

At the end of the exhibition:

4. We need to disassemble our stand today.
5. We need to dismantle our stand today.
6. We need to take down our stand today.
7. We need to break down our stand today.

Which one sounds better to you guys?

If you have any other words better than the ones I suggested please just write them.

Thanks in advance.
  • Keith Bradford

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    All are good (except for 4 - more of that later). But you must understand that the words have different meanings. Broadly speaking, and with a degree of overlap:

    To assemble is to build from ready-prepared parts.
    To set up is to arrange in the right shape.
    To build up is to create from raw materials.

    So their opposites are:
    To dismantle (I see no point in "disassemble").
    To take down.
    To break down (after which you might discard or burn the broken pieces).
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