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I'm not sure how to translate this....the context is pharmaceutical market research - nothing to do with financial assets - and I'm thinking "evaluation d'actifs", rather than "evaluation de biens" - but maybe "estimation" would be better than "evaluation" anyway...? Any thoughts? Thanks!
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    To be clear about the sense of the assessment and the assets.

    Are you doing an assessment of the value (in the eyes of consumers, of retailers, of doctors or of the industry ?) of the existing product portfolio or some other type of assets ?


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    L'estimation du valeur de notre portefeuille de produits courante. . . .

    A bit long-winded even if it reflects the process of measuring the value of a decaying asset.

    L'évaluation de nos atouts
    . . .

    This is shorter/sharper and reflects the temporary nature of the assets value in the case here. Atout is also sometimes used to describe a strong characteristic in a person.
    While this word would not be correct in the financial statements where actif is used, it might be appropriate for the marketing world where the speculative connotation (atout also means a trump) adds a bit of colour.
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