1. gainer New Member

    Hi guys.....can anyone translate in French " asset class ".......as in the following sentence......" which asset class will outperform in 2010 ?

    thanks and Happy New Year to all !
  2. bh7 Senior Member

    Limestone City
    Canada; English
    Welcome to the Forum, gainer !
    It depends whether you look for the single asset class that will outperform or all the asset classes that are expected to beat the index.

    Quelle catégorie de bien(s) / catégorie d'actif(s) / classe d'actif(s) va surpasser l'indice en 2010 ?

    Quelles sont les catégories de bien(s) ...qui vont surpasser l'indice en 2010 ?
  3. gainer New Member

    Thanks Senior Member, I was thinking along the same line with " categorie d'actifs ".

    Ok.......back to work, take good care !

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