Assicurarsi che l’UPS sia carico


I'm trying to translate this sentence regarding the electrical equipment such as the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) from Italian to English but I don't know if some terms that I have translated are correct:

Assicurarsi che l’UPS sia carico in modo tale che il circuito di comando dell’interruttore generale (DG), che agisce in apertura (a mancanza di tensione), possa chiudersi.

My try:
Make sure that the UPS is loaded in order that the circuit breaker control (DG), which works in opening (in absence of voltage), can close.

  • The first thing to say is that I a not an electrical engineer, but I wonder if this might be a suitable translation:

    Ensure that the UPS is charged in order to over-ride the circuit breaker in the event of a power failure.

    I can't deny that it's not very literal, but perhaps someone with more knowledge in this area will be able to say whether I've captured the sense of the Italian.
    beh la frase e' poco chiara anche in italiano, non si cpisce se L'ups alimenta il DG o un circuito primario :)
    Se ho capito bene :
    Ci si deve assicurare che L'ups sia carico perche' (in caso di bassa tensione/mancata alimentazione del circuito primario) il DG, che e' un contatto aperto normalmente, possa chiudersi ( e far si che L'ups fornisca la potenza necessaria al sistema).

    In questo caso io tradurrei:

    Make sure that the UPS is full loaded in order that the circuit breaker control (DG), which is a clean open contat (contatto semplice aperto?), can close on over/under low voltage or power loss.

    Hope this helps :)