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    Hi native Portuguese speakers. I wanted some verification that the following explanation of the correct use of the word "assim" is accurate:

    If you look up assim in a pocket dictionary you’ll see translations such as “so”, “thus”, “therefore”, “so that”,… The most useful translation, in my opinion, is probably “in this manner”.

    Regardless, other other input on how to use this word would be appreciated.

  2. Vanda

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    Welcome to the forums, :)

    Assim, desse modo, então, portanto, etc.
    Veja os vários usos de assim aqui.
  3. diego-rj

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    "this way" is also a good way to translate it. Similar to "in this manner".
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    I would also use it to mean "like this" or "like that":
    Olha, é assim" - Look, it's like this
    Eu faço assim - I do it like this
    é bom assim - it's good like that
    Assim não dá - it doesn't work like that / that way
  5. trevhill New Member

    Thank you for the help

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