assistant de direction / assistante de direction

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  1. Lison Senior Member


    quel est l'equivalent du metier d'assistant de direction en anglais ?

    Merci !
  2. tomatefarcie Member

    Paris, France
    English, USA

    administrative assistant
  3. DaffodillYellow78500 Senior Member

    Paris, France
    UK English
    executive assistant
  4. Carole1981 Senior Member

    France, French
    et que pensez-vous de "administrative assistant" ?

    de mon côté, dans mon entreprise il s'agit d'une assistante qui s'occupe de plusieurs directeurs, au sein de la direction générale.
  5. Ebie Member

    Canada / English
    An Administrative Assistant is what used to be called a secretary - but tends to be more of a person who supports teams or junior-level people. I don't think that exactly matches what you're looking for.
    What it sounds like you're describing can be called an Executive Secretary, or for those who don't like to use the word "Secretary" it can also be called "Executive Assistant", or "Personal Assistant to the Director" if s/he works for one person.
  6. Carole1981 Senior Member

    France, French
    What do you mean when you say : "supports teams" because I think this is the good description of what I am looking for!!!
  7. liulia Senior Member

    And what then is an "assistante technique"?
  8. Carole1981 Senior Member

    France, French
    I never heard this word in France, can you describe the job?
  9. liulia Senior Member

    I think (but I have no way of checking!) that it's exactly the same as an administrative assistant. It was in a document about a French government agency that has "un secrétarait technique avec deux assistantes techniques." Je n'en sais pas plus!
  10. Carole1981 Senior Member

    France, French
    well, I guess the translation is "technical assistant" ?

    As for me, I will go with administrative assistant since the person takes care of helping managers and their teams in their every day job.
  11. jejew New Member

    French & English
    L'équivalent du métier d'assistant(e) de direction en anglais est "Personal Assistant" si tu es assistant(e) d'un chef de service ou d'un manager ou que tu recherches un poste de même style.
    Dans le cas ou tu veux etre assistant(e) d'un dirigeant d'entreprise, d'un managing director ou CEO tu sera assistant(e) de direction pareil mais le nom du poste en anglais est "Executive Assistant"

    Voila pour l'information.
    Si c'est pas clair reviens vers moi

  12. chicou33 Senior Member

    pour assistant de direction, on dit "personal assistant"
  13. pichinie New Member

    I'm student in this section, "assistant de direction" => Management Assistant
  14. parisfr Member

    >jejew: Your explaination is quite claire but, I still have a question.

    I understand that;
    EN Personal Assistant is for 1 manager = FR Assistant de direction
    EN Executive Assistant is for 1 CEO = FR Assistant de direction
    but, how about the
    EN Administrative Assistant is for ???? = FR ?????

    Can you clarify this last question for us?
  15. custard apple Senior Member

    Maybe Office Manager because this person has 2 other administrative staff reporting to him/her
  16. Nicomon

    Nicomon Senior Member

    Français, Québec ♀

    Dans un contexte canadien...

    - Personal Assistant = Adjoint personnel (on dit communément : « bras droit »)
    - Executive Assistant = Adjoint de (haute) direction
    - Administrative Assistant = Adjoint administratif / adjoint d'administration​
  17. carolineR

    carolineR Senior Member

    Indian Ocean
    = assistant de gestion

    Il y a déjà d'autres fils sur ce sujet : ici et ici

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