Assistere alla prima di uno spettacolo teatrale


Ciao a tutti!
Come posso rendere in inglese la frase "Ho assistito alla prima di uno spettacolo teatrale"?
Il mio dubbio non è tanto sulla "prima", quanto sul corretto verbo da utilizzare per intendere "assistere", nel senso di "andare". Ho provato a fare qualche ricerca, ma non so se "to take part" centri il mio obiettivo, perché mi rimanda più all'idea di partecipazione, mentre il significato che voglio veicolare è che io sono andata a vedere lo spettacolo nel giorno del suo debutto, in qualità di spettatrice.
Ho trovato anche "to witness", e non mi sembra male, che ne pensate?
"I witnessed the premiere of XXX"

Grazie in anticipo :)
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    This might be better served in English Only forum but I wanted to split hairs here and discuss the use of attend. Starless is absolutely right and the correct word for assistere here is attend. But "I attended the premiere of a play last night" sounds formal, specific and not very conversational to my ears. Does "assistere" have the same feeling? As a statement of fact I'd say it, if for example if I were being asked to give my whereabouts on a particular evening by the police or someone wanting the absolute truth. If a friend were to ask me where I was last night, I can't imagine saying I attended the premiere of a play without it sounding a little pretentious. Rather I'd say "I went" or "I was at". Maybe it's just me.


    Hi @rrose17, thank you for your insight. I would say that you're right: we tend to use "to go to a premiere" when generally speaking with a friend, or when describing what we did last night - or last year (thank you very much, Covid-19!).
    But even though in Italian "assistere" can be used in a pretty formal context, it is quite a malleable verb, and I found myself using it in more than one conversational situation. It surely adds something to what it's being said, but I wouldn't say in a posh way - but let's wait for other Italian speakers' opinion!

    (In this very case, I was exactly searching for "to attend", because I am writing an article and I already used the verb "to be".)