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May I ask if the sentence:
"We are looking at the surgery assistive device's structures"
is somehow understandable?
The device is used to assist during the surgery; the device is made of structures to which I would like to refer.
Or should I rather keep it simple, like:
"We are looking at structures of the device used to assist during the surgery".
But I would like to have the sentence as short as possible:/

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    Welcome to WRF!

    The set phrase assistive device is used, in a medical context, to refer to devices that help people with disabilities perform normal activities. (Generally, an assistive device is not a prosthesis; that is a separate category.) Eyeglasses and canes are common assistive devices. More complex assistive devices use electronics, such as a computer that generates speech.

    Therefore, I would not use the phrase assistive device here. It suggests that the surgeon has a physical disability and needs this device in order to perform tasks that a fully abled surgeon could perform without it. If that makes the sentence longer, perhaps you can come up with another term. Does the device have a name? Can you invent a name for it? Can you call it by the initials of the project that developed it?


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    yup, that was my first post on WRF, but I have been following WR since quite a long time - always found an answer without posting though.
    thanks for your answer Egmont.
    I still have doubts, because thanks to this device the surgeon can execute the surgery procedure easier. Without the device it would have been much more difficult to the surgeon to operate organs. In that sens - keeping in mind what you wrote - it is somehow "assistive" to the surgeon. "The device" we are talking about is similar to the daVinci robotic system for laparoscopy surgery.

    can it be:
    "We are looking at the robotic-assisted laparoscopy instrumentation device's structures " ?

    nice idea with the initials of the project - I like it!
    (I forgot that every project should have it's initials to be meaningful ;))
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