associés conseils

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  1. hanjod Member

    English Ireland
    Hi all,
    I am doing a translation on a brand takeover and I'd like to see if i can get a better idea of what associes conseils is in the following context:

    "Rachetee aux fondateurs (la famille Georges) entre 1992 et 2000 par M. J-B. et 2 associes conseils, la marque fit l'objet d'une forte exposition mediatique"...

    So my attempt is
    Bought from the founders (the Georges family) between 1992 and 2000 by Mr. J-B and 2 associates, the brand had strong media exposure...
    any help appreciated
  2. xtrasystole

    xtrasystole Senior Member

    'Advising associates'?
  3. hanjod Member

    English Ireland
    Thanks for the message.
    I don't have much experience of takeovers myself so that could be it, but sounds unfamiliar to me.
  4. Aidanr444 Senior Member

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    Associates who have only advisory positions. Do you think it could be silent partner?
  5. hanjod Member

    English Ireland
    Thanks for your message!
    I really don't know. i wasn't given any context other than the text. is down so can't check that.
    I do like the sound of it but I can't find one link on the internet between the two.

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