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I've to translate my CV into English and I'm having some doubts...:confused:

I studied a "Ciclo Formativo de Grado Superior en Comercio Internacional", which I think that could be translated as "Higher Vocational Education in International Business"

and I obtained a title in "Técnica Superior en Comercio Internacional", and I don't know if it'd be an:
-"Associate Degree in International Business"
-"Superior Technician in International Business"
-"Advanced Techinician in International Business"

or maybe instead of "business", "trade"??????

I'm getting crazy!!!!!
Thanks in advance for your help
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    Spanish from Spain/Brazilian Portuguese
    It would be useful to know whether you want your CV to be understood by Americans or British.
    For example, an assoociate degree in the US is what we call a Foundation degree in the UK.

    Advanced vocational qualification in international commerce sounds best to me.
    A tecnician is someone who works the lights etc!
    This might help you.

    P.S. You go crazy rather than get crazy! :)


    Spanish from Spain/Brazilian Portuguese
    Speaking in American English I think sounds better, because (I'm mailing my résumé or CV to USA):

    I have an Advanced International Trade degree or International Business degree.

    Am I right? it's been used in USA, if i am wrong please correct me!
    Is there any american speaker around?
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