Associate of Chartered Accountants (ACA)

I would like to translate the following qualification into Spanish for CV / job application purposes:

Associate of Chartered Accountants (ACA).

I am aware that there may not be a Spanish equivalent, so I shall explain what the qualification is. Once you have a university degree, you can apply to accountancy firms to train for the ACA. You then work for three years, about 4 fifths of the time in the office as a trainee accountant. The remaining fifth is spent in a classroom learning the following modules: Accounting, Tax, Audit, Business Finance, Financial Reporting and Business management. There are also modules in business law. Finally there are three more advanced but more general modules called: Business Lifecycle (startups, running a business, buying others and closing it); Business Environment (foreign entities, corporate change and transformation, tax, audit and financial reporting); and finally Case Study (where you have to write a report following the instructions on a mock company). Once you have passed all the modules, completed 450 chargeable days and worked for at least three years, you qualify as an ACA. This qualification allows you to work on your own as an accountant, and means you have an internationally recognised qualification in business.

So how does it work in Spain?

Many thanks
  • Thanks, Ayutuxte,

    From reading through all of the above links it is clear that Chartered Accountant is 'contable colegiado' in (Spain) Spanish.

    However, the qualification I wish to translate is not listed. The qualification in the UK is called ACA. A possible context might be: 'She's just the woman for the accountancy job because she is ACA qualified'.

    Would anyone be able to shed light on the translation of the qualification (ACA) as opposed to the job title (Chartered Accountant)? Even the name of the accountancy exams in Spain would be of great help.