associated bonds


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Ciao a tutti,

Roosevelt sta parlando dei debiti contratti dai tedeschi con l'America.

He acknowledged that American bankers had made what he called “exorbitant profits” lending money to German businesses and cities and selling associated bonds to U.S. citizens..

Che cosa si inetnde per "associated bonds"?

Grazie mille a tutti.
  • Ciao ;)

    A bond is obbligazione, financial instruments of debt, in this case sold by the bankers to the public. "Associated" because they were somehow connected to the loans made to the German companies. However, I am not familiar with the exact mechanism. One is led to believe that the US banks may have sold bonds to the American public at a significantly lower interest than what was charged to the Germans for the money that they were borrowing.
    Hi Kosta, so the bonds are connected to the loans?

    Vendendo obbligazioni legate a quegli / su quegli stessi debiti?

    Grazieeeeeeeee! :):)