association members = association's members ?

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    Hmmm.. the answer is "Yes" and "No"

    In your first example, "
    Cape Fear Old-Time Music Association" can be a title (hence a proper noun) or an adjectival phrase qualifying members - you choose!

    If it's a noun, then 's; if not then no 's.

    So, with or without the 's, it is correct.


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    I looked at your second web site (the Wind Energy Council) and I don't think it's relevant, because association members is almost certainly a mistake.

    The council is an international body whose members are associations in the various countries. The council is urging individuals in the countries that have a wind energy association to become active in the association in their country. So it sounds like an editing error: they should have written member associations (associations who are members of the council), not association members (members of an association).
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