assoiffé de réussir

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    Hey guys, I'm playing around with some of the vocab words I've found and I've noticed that assoiffe (with accent on e) can be used figuratively. However, I'm still not sure exactly when, so for example would "assoiffe de reussir" (sorry for the lack of accents) make any sense? If so, what would it mean? My guess would be "driven to succeed" or "determined". Any ideas?

    Merci d'avance!
  2. Cecily Senior Member

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    Yes, "assoiffé de quelque chose" means that you yearn for something.
    But I would rather say : "assoiffé de réussite". It sounds more natural. It is more commonly followed by a noun such as "assoiffé de pouvoir" which is a very common expression.
  3. snowday Member

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    Thanks Cecily, that's exactly what I was hoping for! :D
  4. klodaway

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    The most common expression I can think of is "assoiffé de pouvoir", or "thirst for power".
    As for the example you use, I don't think it is colloquial per se, eventhough everybody would understand what you mean.
    Note : I would use the noun "réussite" i/o the verb "réussir". As for translation, "driven to succeed" is correct.

  5. Cecily Senior Member

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    Glad to help!


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