assume / take / declare the nationality or ethnicity

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    Is the underlined phrase correct?

    If e.g. the share of Roma increases not by birth but by their decision that they are not, e.g. Slovak or Hungarians but Romani

    "We can speculate that it could have caused a relatively high share of population declaring themselves the Roma ethnicity" ?


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    What is the rest of the context (e.g. the preceding sentences)? Without it, it's hard to say whether declare or assume is the right verb.
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    source - a case study about a village that includes/integrates the Roma

    more context -

    The Gradual Path to the Roman Inclusion
    The municipality has started quite early to utilize available tools and projects aimed at Roma inclusion - in mid-1990’s. We can speculate that the early start in the Roma inclusion could have caused a relatively high share of population declaring themselves the Roma ethnicity and election of the Roma party candidate – Ms. xx.
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    This is a false expression. Correct would be 'declaring themselves of Roma ethnicity'.

    However, that is subject to the question what is the correct adjectival expression for 'Roma'. I do not know the answer to that offhand. In the heading you quote, you have put 'Roman', which would suggest 'belonging to the city of Rome'.
    I am afraid there are also other problems in your quoted text.
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    You might say "self-identify as Roma".
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    thanks, I have corrected Roman it was a typo, the correct version is the Roma.

    So in the population census people may declare themselves of [the?] Roma, Slovak, or Hugarian, etc. ethinicity? would you replace the word ethinicity with nationality?

    see the official population census - if the Roma were more confident the number of the Roma declaring themselves of Roma ethinicity would be higher

    Table 10 Population by nationality - 2011, 2001, 1991

    Total resident population - Nationality - Slovak, Hungarian, Roma, Czech, ...

    by the way is it necessary to use the definite article in "the Roma" thanks,

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    Only a nation can convey nationality, so that is not appropriate here. The correct term would be ethnicity. It doesn't need the definite article: declare themselves of Roma, etc. ethnicity / declare themselves to be ethnic Roma.
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    excellent, thank you

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