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Hi everyone,

While I was reading a book, I do not understand the meaning of "assymetry", and looked in dictionaries for this word, but any dictionary does not have this word.

This word was using as; The crucial assymetry concerns the latter poin,,,

Does anyone know what this mean? or is this word normally used in different spelling?

Thank you,
  • GuitarMaestro

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    The word is properly spelled asymmetry - one s and two m's. It means unmatched from side to side. For examle, the left side is NOT the mirror image of the right. When two sides do not match they are asymmetrical.


    Hi GuitarMaestro,

    Thank you so much for your post. It helped me a lot.
    Also, thanks for the meaning and the usage, it is very clear to understand this word.

    I don't know if "assymetry" is simply just a spelling mistake or the author used "assymetry" with a reason.


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    Dear Carrotcake -
    As far as I can tell there is no such word as "assymetry" so I would think it is a typographic error. I have not found any intentional use of that spelling.
    As you have quoted only a portion of the sentence there are no clues about the author's intentions.
    Do you think the author was making a pun or joke by spelling it "ass"ymetry?


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    I suppose assymmetry would refer to the physical condition after one buttock is surgically removed.


    GuitarMaestro, lizzeymac, Coiffe,

    Thanks so much for your posts.

    The book which has "assymetry" is an academic book about international law, and this book has been edited couple of times, so I was wondering
    if "assymetry" is misspelling or the author used "assymetry" on purpose.

    Thank you for the meaning of asymmetry. After I got all of your help, I read
    the book again, and now I understood that the author wrote two points which are opposed to each other, so I think
    he meant as asymmetry.

    Thanks for your help.:)
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